Roci Gainey-Graham

Program Manager

Although she is a spring chicken, Roci has had many different and inspiring chapters of life.  A constant thread through all of them is that she finds ways to leverage technology to solve problems and communicate. Thank goodness, many of these lives have intersected with various parts of the healthcare industry. She is a skilled operations analyst, writer, and researcher. We rely on her help for always advancing our own infrastructure and also that of our clients

Roci is the kind of person who doesn’t think twice about loading a mattress in the back of her car and taking a 20-hour drive to help someone who needs her.  Anyone who has had the pleasure of working with Roci is better for it. Roci has a BA degree in Psychology from University of Texas at Austin and a nerd certification in continually taking courses throughout her life.

Where you’ll connect:

  • Helping clients who are adopting infrastructure, such as a project management solution or knowledge-sharing platform

  • Mapping out the business process/systems relationship

  • Writing of all kinds, especially proposal writing and proposal support for clients seeking our help with business development

  • Solution research and comparison

  • Social determinants of health programming