Visioning Palooza – Disruption Junction: Amazon Edition

Visioning Palooza - Disruption Junction:
Amazon Edition

Exploring Near-term Disruption by Powerful Companies in Our Midst

The healthcare industry is facing a growing threat of deep and permanent disruption. Tech and financial giants are investing heavily in healthcare; they have money to spend and the intent to disrupt.

This Visioning Palooza brings together leaders from across the healthcare industry to collectively envision four different scenarios of Amazon in healthcare.

  1. Large employer disruption: The partnership between Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan Chase.

  2. Pharmacy: Amazon disrupting the pharmacy and DME supply chain. 

  3. Bricks and Mortar: Amazon swiftly acquires a broad mainstream retail presence through acquisition.

  4. Virtual networks: Amazon develops a direct-to-consumer solution forming its own provider network.

Event Details

JUNE 11, 2019 - Starting at 10:00, ending at Fenway!
JUNE 12, 2019 - Starting at 8:30, ending at noon

AC Marriott, Cleveland CIrcle, Boston, MA
We have negotiated a spectacular rate of $249 / night - amazing for Boston in June.

Please notify us early if you are interested in a dedicated session with SSX leaders adjacent to your trip.



Health plan or health system ($750.00)

Community-based organization ($375.00)

Vendor or supporting organization ($1,250.00)

Fees are nonrefundable, but are transferable to another participant from your organization should your availability change.


Perspective: A perspective on the impact, threats, and opportunities associated with powerful new competitors / partners

Analysis: A Data Pack that highlights Amazon’s role as a healthcare leader.

Framework: An approach that your organization can apply to visioning and scenario planning work with your leadership team, board, and partners.

Action steps: Specific and immediate action steps that can be taken to address transformational changes in the healthcare environment.

Connections: The small group environment leaves people connected and invigorated. Many choose to stay in touch with others from their cohort afterwards.

Once attended; never the same.

Work + Play

Head to historic Fenway Park to watch the Red Sox take on the Texas Rangers!

Head to historic Fenway Park to watch the Red Sox take on the Texas Rangers!

More Information

Who Attends?

We put some thought into balancing attendees from a range of disciplines and sectors of the healthcare industry. This includes mostly C-Suite executives but also leaders from different levels of the organization. We typically include a mix of alumni and new participants to ensure both some experience with this methodology as well as fresh ideas and perspectives.

What’s it like?

By taking on the role of different stakeholders, we collectively identify changes in the competitive and environmental landscape. Participants leave feeling invigorated and empowered to tackle these challenges.

Finding the path ahead!

Finding the path ahead!