Spring Street Exchange Launching Strategic Staffing Practice

Working in the healthcare industry over the course of my career, both within a health plan and in healthcare consulting, I have seen some amazing examples of inspired service orientation and true advances in healthcare operations. I have also seen some examples of egregious decisions or behavior. I’m sure you’ve all seen it too. As an industry, we are right to be proud of the trend toward more consumer-friendly healthcare and better quality of care. And yet, there is also a reason that clients are cynical of consultants and that the public is cynical about healthcare.

I founded Spring Street Exchange with a goal to help the industry be more strategic and successful with healthcare finance and delivery. We didn’t want the firm to be another shark trying to get its share of the healthcare pie, but rather truly offer value in excess of the cost of our services. We wanted to work with like-minded change agents who came to the industry to make a difference.

It seems that healthcare leaders are increasingly asked to do more with fewer resources. While this mindset can help to streamline operations, an unfortunate consequence is that there is seldom time or adequate resources to step back to address questions of ‘how’ and ‘why.’ The result is that, all too often, we get better and better at solving problems in the current framework rather than evolving toward the future.

As a firm, Spring Street has been working with clients on projects that push toward a better healthcare system from the perspective of strategy, industry intelligence, and operations. Through the course of this work we have observed that sometimes clients also need to temporarily augment capacity to achieve their goals.

To address this gap, we are launching Spring Street Strategic Staffing. And if we are going to do this new thing, we are going to do it right.

The Spring Street Way

We believe that communication and accountability make a big step forward in getting value from your investment. Therefore, we provide insight right away and feedback throughout the duration of our time with you. And we leave you with recommendations and steps where your team can continue the work.

Our extreme vetting process means we only work with the best folks out there, and we only place them when we have the right match for the specific need. We don’t carry a bench of employees that we need to keep busy, and won’t try to fill our own coffers by selling you services you don’t want or need.

 The industry is moving toward a more services-based economy, and we want to help our clients with the resources to help them achieve great things. We believe that if we are honest and earnest, if we only offer the resources you need, and only for the amount of time that you need them, we can help move the whole industry forward responsibly.

 Let’s not let ourselves be too busy to do something great.

If you are interested in learning more about our Strategic Staffing services, either as a potential client or as a contractor, please contact Steph Passino, steph@springstreet.exchange.