Visioning Workshops

Spring Street Exchange’s visioning methodology energizes and grounds how organizations respond to changes in the industry. 

Playing out Scenarios  

All too often businesses become paralyzed by uncertainty in the environment. With frequent shifts in potential healthcare policy, changing interpretations of healthcare regulation, new competitive pressures, and emerging technology, the future has never been more uncertain in healthcare.  

We use scenario planning to lasso this uncertainty. We describe distinct potential scenarios and the ways they may impact the industry, specific lines of business, various stakeholders, and individual participants. Then we focus on organizational impacts and potential barriers to moving forward. Our methodology helps executives to stay grounded and in motion regardless of how much the environment is shifting around them.  

Unsticking the situation 

Traditional approaches to strategic and operational transformation often rely on a logic / expertise- based approach that can leave organizations feeling informed but also cynical and resistant.  

We use immersive visioning and scenario-based exercises to align team members around goals, risks, obstacles, and desired outcomes. This methodology accelerates and energizes change. We’re continuously refining our approach, built upon experiences across our client base and through our cross-industry forums. 

Visioning the Future 

Traditional one- to three-year planning works in a relatively steady environment when the future is expected to look like the past. We now see disruptive forces emerging that could dramatically shift how we pay for and access healthcare. In order to think bigger, we need to step back and envision what the future could be like. We consider potential futures in two, five, ten years, and sometimes further, to make certain we are investing in where healthcare is going, and not in where it has always been. 


Operational Transformation

We don’t just talk the talk… Our operational transformation services help organizations to make good on their strategic goals. Spring Street Exchange relies on healthcare careerists, with decades of experience from all sectors of healthcare.  

We believe in structured tools and approaches when tackling big infrastructure projects, but also find that we are able to accelerate alignment and action by relying on the expertise and contacts of our operational leaders.  

Operational transformation projects in our bailiwick include: 

  • Procurement and implementation of health plan core administration solutions and Managed Services Organizations (MSO) 

  • Health plan operations assessment and diagnostics 

  • Public health insurance exchange services, including billing and enrollment vendor procurement and implementation, exchange operational assessment and remediation, marketplace opportunity analysis, and QHP support. 


Strategic Transformation

At Spring Street Exchange we recognize that the healthcare industry is not going to significantly improve through only incremental steps. With new, aggressive competition from both within and outside of the industry, many healthcare organizations are taking a bolder look at their strategic planning process.  

Spring Street Exchange helps forward-thinking organizations to define their approach to achieving a sustainable competitive advantage. This means looking for fresh ways to excel in areas different from others in their markets.  

We support this strategy work with roadmaps that articulate a path to maintain current revenue streams while pursuing in parallel more fundamentally transformational activities.  

We facilitate this transformation through: 

  • Enterprise-level strategy development and planning 

  • Strategic planning at the line of business or product level 

  • Collaboration and cohort initiatives that leverage expertise and inspiration across organizations 

Analysis & Assessment

We believe that the best way to address new programs and uncertainty is to ground in a common baselining of a problem. We have developed a proprietary assessment methodology that leverages our evolving checklists and heat maps to provide a baseline assessment of where your organization tracks with the industry and then offers prioritized recommendations for moving forward.  

These assessments are truly part of our secret sauce; they are wildly relevant and energizing.  

  • SDOH Assessment: Using the SSX proprietary questionnaire and realization framework, we meet with your team to summarize activities in your organization and map them against the potential work in an SODH continuum. We match findings against your SDOH goals and provide recommendations 

  • Disruption Risk and Opportunity Assessment. Sometimes the sources of potential disruption seem too large to lasso, and yet we cannot leave them unaddressed.