We work with healthcare leaders and organizations who are ready to make a difference. We provide strategic and operational support to those who are committed to making healthcare right.


The Spring Street Story

Spring Street Exchange was founded in 2016 to offer a better approach to a services partnership to the healthcare industry. Most of us have spent our careers in healthcare, often running into familiar obstacles. We also meet healthcare heroes – those working every day to make healthcare better. We decided to dedicate ourselves to supporting these fellow transformers.

We are not another services firm looking to capture our piece of our nation’s healthcare spend. Enough. Instead, we work with organizations who are interested in breaking from the status quo and stepping out into new territory. We can fix healthcare, together, one step at a time.

We Believe

We believe that most people working in the healthcare industry are driven to make a difference in people’s lives. Yet, whether serving in clinical, administrative, facilities, or other functions – many of these same individuals feel stuck or ineffective in their ability to make a difference at the organizational or systemic level.

We help “unstick” fixed assumptions and align around more broad-reaching change. We are allies, partners, accelerators, and do-ers alongside these health industry heroes who are committed to making a difference.

Nature is our inspiration.

We are awed by the the power, strength, and operational brilliance of natural systems. We believe in stepping back to address problems from a fresh perspective.

If you are an agent of transformation, we are grateful to meet you and can’t wait to roll up our sleeves and get busy.

Let’s not be too busy to do something great.

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