Mike Comick

Senior Consultant

Mike is a career specialist in health plan infrastructure and operations. His knowledge of where the industry has been, how it got there, and where it is headed makes his guidance more grounded and applicable than most industry advisors. For our clients, Mike is creative in trying to find ways to tackle large-scale infrastructure projects with lower cost and minimized impact to a health plan. He is an industry leader in core administration systems and other aspects of how health plans work. Mike is an unusually humble leader that truly is looking out for our client’s interests, regardless of the circumstance.

Mike recently bought a home in British Columbia and is also still rooted in Carefree, Arizona. He keeps swearing that he’s giving up on football, but returns to cheer on the Patriots year after year. Mike has a degree in Economics from Arizona State University.

Where you’ll connect:

  • Executive leadership and advisory services

  • Evaluation, procurement, implementation, and remediation of health plan core administration services

  • Operational planning and implementation of strategic plans