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Visioning Workshops

Spring Street Exchange’s visioning workshops are designed to provide organizations with an approach to adapt and prosper in light of impending changes in the industry. Participants often leave the session feeling energized and optimistic.

Playing out Scenarios

All too often healthcare organizations become paralyzed by uncertainty. Because of shifts in policy, changing regulations, new competitive pressures, and emerging technologies, the future has never been more uncertain in healthcare.

We use scenario planning to lasso uncertainty. We describe distinct potential scenarios, and the ways they may impact the industry. We work through specifics like which lines of business, stakeholders, and individual participants will be impacted and how they should respond. Then we focus on organizational impacts and potential barriers to moving forward.

Our methodology helps executives to stay grounded and in motion, regardless of how much the environment is shifting around them.

Unsticking the situation

Traditional approaches to strategic and operational transformation often rely on a logic/expertise-based approach that can leave organizations feeling informed, but also cynical and resistant. We use immersive visioning and scenario-based exercises to align team members around goals, risks, obstacles, and desired outcomes. This methodology accelerates and embraces change. We’re continuously refining our approach built upon client engagements and through our cross-industry forums.

Visioning the Future

Traditional one- to three-year planning cycles work in a relatively steady environment when the future is expected to look like the past. We now see disruptive forces emerging that can dramatically shift how we pay for and access healthcare. In order to think bigger, we need to step back and envision what the future could be like. We consider potential futures in two, five, ten years, and sometimes further, to make certain we are investing in where healthcare is going, and not in where it has always been.


Operational Transformation

We don’t just talk the talk; we are committed to delivering for our clients. Spring Street’s operational transformation services help organizations make good on their strategic goals.

We believe in structured tools and approaches when tackling big infrastructure projects. We also find that we can accelerate alignment and action by leveraging the expertise and contacts of our operational leaders, who have decades of experience in the industry.

We assist clients with operational transformation projects, including:

  • Health plan operations assessment and diagnostics

  • Procurement and implementation of health plan core administration solutions and Managed Services Organizations (MSO)

  • Public health insurance exchange services, including billing and enrollment vendor procurement and implementation, exchange operational assessment and remediation, marketplace opportunity analysis, and QHP support


Strategic Transformation

At Spring Street Exchange, we recognize that the healthcare industry is not going to significantly improve through incremental steps alone. With new, aggressive competition from both inside and outside the industry, many healthcare organizations are realizing that a bolder approach is needed.

Spring Street Exchange helps forward-thinking organizations define their approach to achieving a sustainable competitive advantage. This means looking for fresh and distinct ways to excel.

We create client-custom processes and roadmaps that articulate a path for maintaining current revenue streams while simultaneously pursuing transformational activities.

We facilitate this transformation through:

  • Enterprise-level strategy development and planning

  • Strategic planning at the line of business or product level

  • Collaboration and cohort initiatives that leverage expertise and inspiration across organizations

Disruption Readiness Services: Spring Street helps healthcare organizations prepare for transformational risks and opportunities. Our services boost our clients’ readiness with minimal disruption to their day-to-day business. By leveraging our expertise across clients, we can both save money and accelerate your progress in addressing disruptive trends. 


Analysis & Assessment

Spring Street believes that the best way to address market uncertainty and new initiatives is by aligning our clients on a common vision, helping them identify strategic priorities, and creating a plan to accomplish their goals. This is most effectively done through our assessment process.

To complete our assessments, we bring together all relevant stakeholders and recognize all the work they are already doing. We then identify opportunities for improvement and prioritize our recommendations based on client goals.

These assessments are truly part of our secret sauce; they are wildly relevant and energizing. Currently we are offering an SDOH Assessment and a Disruption Risk and Opportunity Assessment. 


Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) Services

Spring Street combines clinical and business expertise to help our clients to define their SDOH strategy, improve their SDOH processes, establish SDOH best practices, and realize the biggest impact possible. To do this, we offer:

SDOH opportunity assessments

The Spring Street SDOH assessment helps healthcare organizations recognize the scope and impact of their current work, while providing suggestions for how to improve. The assessment helps healthcare organizations to be smart about how they invest resources and staff. It also helps identify and track any related regulatory requirements, create necessary processes, and form strategic partnerships. It’s an invaluable tool, whether for an organization that is just getting started on SDOH or for one that is well-invested in SDOH for the long term.

SDOH implementation assistance

Spring Street helps healthcare organizations and collaborative partnerships implement new SDOH approaches, workflows and interventions. We help our clients either build their own approach or form new partnerships with vendors and like-minded organizations.

SDOH strategic visioning

We use immersive visioning and scenario-based exercises to align team members around goals, risks, obstacles, and desired outcomes. This methodology accelerates change and helps participants embrace it.

SDOH live online events

Spring Street Exchange hosts live online events.  Each event features an organization or person who is breaking new ground in SDOH. For list of a upcoming events, or to see summaries of previous events visit our Spring Junction Live Events page