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Operational Transformation


Social Determinants of Health

Social Determinants of Health

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Analysis &



Strategic Transformation

As transformation is driven by out of industry entrants, technological advances, and innovation from within, we are on the brink of unprecedented change in an industry that has been historically slow to modernize. Spring Street Exchange helps clients to evolve so they can stay relevant and provide the best possible care and value to patients and members.

We facilitate this transformation through:

  • Scenario planning and visioning workshops

  • Enterprise-level strategy development and planning

  • Strategic planning at the line of business or product level

  • Collaboration and cohort initiatives that leverage expertise and inspiration across organizations

  • Specialized expertise monitoring out-of-industry entrants


Operational Transformation

We don’t just talk the talk; we are committed to delivering for our clients. Spring Street’s operational transformation services help organizations make good on their strategic goals.

We believe in structured tools and approaches when tackling big infrastructure projects. We also find that we can accelerate alignment and action by leveraging the expertise and contacts of our operational leaders, who have decades of experience in the industry.

We assist clients with operational transformation projects, including:

  • Health plan operations assessment and diagnostics

  • Procurement and implementation of health plan core administration solutions and Managed Services Organizations (MSO)

  • Public health insurance exchange services, including billing and enrollment vendor procurement and implementation, exchange operational assessment and remediation, marketplace opportunity analysis, and QHP support


Social Determinants of Health

Spring Street combines clinical and business expertise to help our clients define their SDOH strategy, improve their SDOH processes, establish SDOH best practices, and realize the biggest possible impact. To do this, we offer:

  • SDOH opportunity assessments

  • SDOH implementation assistance

  • SDOH strategic visioning

  • SDOH alignment workshops

  • SDOH live online events


Analysis & Assessment

Spring Street believes that the best way to address market uncertainty and new initiatives is by aligning our clients on a common vision, helping them identify strategic priorities, and creating a plan to accomplish their goals. This is most effectively done through our assessment process.

To complete our assessments, we bring together all relevant stakeholders and recognize all the work they are already doing. We then identify opportunities for improvement and prioritize our recommendations based on client goals.

These assessments are truly part of our secret sauce; they are wildly relevant and energizing. Currently we are offering an SDOH Assessment and a Disruption Risk and Opportunity Assessment.