Each of our team members is unique, quirky, and brilliant, at some aspect of healthcare. We work together generously, driven by radical collaboration, and the promise of helping to make healthcare right.


Nancy Wise
Managing Partner

Steph Passino
Director, Market Insight

Lisa Taj McCellon
Administrative Coordinator

Roci Gainey-Graham
Program Manager

Kevin McDevitt
Director, Social Determinants
of Health Programming

Chris Link
Senior Manager of Market Insight


Cheryl Stacey
Executive Consultant - Affiliate

Doug Kittredge
Senior Consultant - Affiliate

Ferris Taylor
Executive Consultant - Affiliate

Mike Comick
Executive Consultant - Affiliate

Maria Chaves, RN, MBA

Senior Cosultant - Affiliate

Healthcare Special Forces

Advisory Council, 2019 - 2020

Spring Street Exchange announces our inaugural Advisory Council, with leaders from various industries and sectors healthcare.

These incredible leaders share our passion for helping to transform healthcare.