Steph Passino

Director, Market Insight

Steph has an intense commitment to bringing structure and process to transformation in healthcare. Operationally, Steph makes stuff happen. She creatively uses an ever-expanding set of tools and deep healthcare content knowledge to bring things to fruition. Steph also has the ability to speak in healthcare benefit language. Most sane people cringe when they look at a spreadsheet of line item benefit detail, but Steph sees how it all fits together from the consumer and operational perspectives. This vision enables her to advise on benefit design and portfolio rationalization with strategy and reason.  

Steph is just one of those people who has a special spark, whether with bike riding, charity fundraising, or making her own cat memes.  She lives in California but belongs on the Cape, and really, really likes cheese.

Steph has a BS degree in Business Administration and Management from Merrimack College and lives in Oakland, CA. 

Where you’ll connect:

  • Serving as a Senior Business Analyst on various strategic and operational projects

  • Health plan benefit design and product portfolio rationalization

  • Leveraging tools and intelligence to advance decision-making and project progress