Contributing Partner Program

Duration1-2 day sessions
Size< 25 executives
ParticipantsC-Suite healthcare leaders from various sectors in healthcare
FormatSmall group round table; participatory

Spring Street Exchange uses strategic visioning to bring together key industry stakeholders, taking them away from their day-to-day grind, and allowing them time to think and talk with their peers. These intensive sessions include conversations comprised of a combination of reflection, experience and foresight to create new insights and action plans. 

The collaborative and immersive structure of these events supports breakthrough thinking. 

In this small group format, Contributing Partners participate in the visioning as peers, not as vendors.

We see Contributing Partners as allies in the industry instead of vendors to the industry.

Rather than paying for popcorn or giveaways with Spring Street Exchange Palooza sessions, Contributing Partners roll up their sleeves and engage in the hard work of helping to make healthcare right. 


Our partnerships provide a myriad of mutual benefits including increasing the depth of expertise, showcasing data and other capabilities, as well as creating opportunities to make new connections.

Benefit Description Super
Up to 2 people to participate (recommend executives vs. sales) × × ×
Up to 2 of your company’s marketing materials displayed on a table in the event room × × ×
Your logo included on event webpage, email announcements and printed event materials × × ×
Signage at the event × × ×
Inclusion in the event directory × × ×
Inclusion of your company’s data in our Data Pack × ×
Dedicated space available in the Data Pack for your company’s information Quarter Page Half Page
Inclusion in our monthly newsletter × ×
Follow up meeting with SSX to debrief, share insights and contribute to write-up of findings ×
Participation in survey questions leading up to development of the Data Pack ×
Custom! If you have an idea for a creative use of happy hour or lunch programming, let us know, and we are happy to talk with you about unique Contributing Partner activities.