Are you ready for healthcare disruption?

Many organizations struggle to plan for disruption because the future often feels unruly and uncertain. We use a change framework to lasso this uncertainty and help organizations develop the agility they need for identifying opportunities to lead and respond to change. 

 This helps healthcare leaders respond to disruption with energy and optimism.

Disruption Readiness & Opportunity Assessment

Our Disruption Readiness and Opportunity Assessment feeds right into your organization’s enterprise risk planning. We create a disruption risk grid for your market that helps identify and monitor potential disruptive forces and how your organization can prepare.

Monitoring Big Tech (potential) Competitors 

We’re doing this anyway, and your strategic planning team is already too busy. We can provide regular insight on national insurers and big tech competitors, shared in engaging sessions or presentations with a Data Pack. No worries; not another newsletter to read.

Envisioning the Future 

Our strategic visioning methodology predicts changes that are likely in your market and the impact that will be felt by your organization. This approach helps leadership teams think longer-term and develop organizational agility. We customize scenarios based on client requests or pull from our bank of pre-made scenarios (topics include Disruption by Amazon and CVS/Aetna, and developments in Social Determinants of Health). 

Visioning Palooza

Several times per year we bring together healthcare leaders from around the industry for a small-group strategic visioning session.  

the Healthcare Disruption project: Share your perspective

We are gathering perspectives on disruption in healthcare: what you’re worried about, what you’re hoping for, and how you’re preparing. Just 30 minutes – let’s talk.