Healthcare Marvels Membership

Transforming healthcare by shoring up leadership

Healthcare Marvels is an exclusive cohort of women executive leaders who are sharing knowledge, solutions, and resources in a small group format.

Spring Street Exchange is bringing together a small cohort of women who are leading healthcare organizations to collaborate and grow as leaders. Imagine if you had a:

  • Safe space to test ideas with peers

  • Source for processing and discussing the implications of trends

  • Zone for developing your own leadership skills 

Web platform: Participants can collaborate, share ideas, ask questions, store materials – all through a secure, web-based platform.

Virtual: Video conference meetings, workshops, input from experts, trends sessions.

Live: In-person events to enhance relationships and networking.

Cohort Description

Size: Small group format of fewer than 25 members; annual commitment.

Who: Women of the C-Suite of payers, health systems, hospitals, and supporting organizations.

Competition: No directly competing organizations will be included in the cohort.

Process: Candidates are vetted for approach to collaboration and for competitive dynamics.

Pricing: $25,000 / year

I have a whole incredible staff to support me and still hesitate on where to turn when it comes to certain critical issues.

What makes Healthcare Marvels different?

Service Typical Solutions Marvels Membership
Group or Cohort Defined by a trade group or membership designed to maximize the number of members to drive margins for the host. Limited to ~ 25 healthcare executives in a closed cohort to focus on the depth of content vs. breadth of reach. This is an exclusive membership with the same cohort for a year (with the potential to continue).
How We Address Trends and Technology Presentation of topics or webinars by experts. Insight from experts as well as the opportunity for members to exchange what you are doing to address; a safe, closed space for questions and discussion of implications for your organization and the industry.
Peer Problem-Solving Questions shared with large group list serves or private coaching. Dedicated sessions to address problems with input from trusted peers.
In-Person Events Traditional conference format with various speakers and large groups. Cohort-only visioning sessions with fewer than 30 people collectively addressing scenarios and visions of the future.
Online Collaboration Forum List serves, article sharing, and general content. Closed online intelligence platform that facilitates conversation, stores all group materials, and provides means for sharing between cohort members.


When compared to other leaders, members of the cohort will be:

  • Better armed about the meaning and implications of trends

  • Better supported by both peers and experts

  • More prepared and agile when addressing change and disruption


Everybody is already presenting on the same topics. We need forums where we can take the discussion further.