Strategic Visioning Workshop:

An Event with Health Plan Alliance

Strategic Visioning Workshop: Health Coverage in 2023

Exploring Near-term Disruption by Powerful Companies in Our Midst

For the first time our industry has well-funded and ambitious new competitors from other sectors seeking to disrupt the industry with the goals of reducing costs and realigning around the consumer.

Alliance executive peers joined for a strategic visioning exercise focused on how health care could be financed and delivered in 2023.

This one-day workshop was led by strategic visioning expert, Nancy Wise, Spring Street Exchange. Spring Street Exchange specializes in strategic and operational transformation in health care. Together, using strategic visioning exercises, we can drive alignment, impact and efficiencies around change. 

Check out Nancy’s take on the disruptive forces coming to healthcare:

Event Details

MAY 15-16, 2019
Irving, Texas 75062

This event was open to HPA Members only.