Visioning Palooza: Watch what previous attendees are saying

Several times a year we bring together executives from different sectors of the healthcare industry. During these strategic visioning sessions, called Scenario or Visioning Paloozas, we step back to consider the various changes in the landscape and collectively envision future scenarios. Executives find the small group format to be different, energizing, and practical. Join us as we think further.

You step away from your own internal issues to see things from a broader context. Then you’re able to bring that back to your team.
— Dennis Bolin
I’m thankful for the inclusion of a very wide range of stakeholders. Everyone brings a unique perspective, and that is the real value of these conversations.
— Kirill Zaydenman
I appreciate that we we were not talked to, we were definitely participants in the process.
— Jessica Fischer
The most unique and compelling thing is the diversity of people that are sitting around the table.
— Stacy Lindborg